Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy the Hexle now?

No, the Hexle is still in very early stages of development and is currently seeking additional financing to help bring the platform to the public.

What types of games can be create with the Hexle?

The Hexle platform allows game designers to create and enhance almost any type of boardgame.  From simple experiences that bring a toy to life on a screen, to full combat strategies consisting of entire collections of toy pieces, the Hexle accommodates all types of gameplay which enhanced with digital interventions or even full AR expeiences.

Is there a development kit available?

There is no SDK available yet however it is one of the many things we are working towards.  Once the SDK is available we will be making a big deal about it.

When will it be available to the public?

This all depends on financing.  We are currently seeking additional funding to take the Hexle to the net level.