Say hello to the Hexle.  A digitally enhanced, board gaming platform.

The Hexle is a uniquely designed, hexagonal based, digital board gaming platform that invites collaboration between toy brands, game development studios and board gaming companies in a way like never before.

What is the Hexle?

The Hexle transforms the way we collect and play with toys!

The Hexle is a scalable, hexagonal grid based, board gaming platform providing engaging feedback through programmable LED responses and NFC enabled tiles that trigger digitally interactive content.  All of this in conjunction with Bluetooth4.0 connectivity, the Hexle provides communication between toy, board, and device to create fun and dynamic gaming experiences for anyone.

The Hexle is the ultimate toys to life gaming peripheral and expands on other well-known toys-to-life models. Rather than a termination points in toy interaction, the Hexle is the starting point for engagement.

Simply put, the Hexle brings the chessboard to life!

The Hexle is not a game, it’s a platform

The Hexle is made for game creators.  It provides the foundation for brands to express their product  in multiple ways, adding more value and longevity of their properties.  It is a conduit that provides developers with the tools needed to bring life to toy collections. There are no limits to the types of games that can be created.

  • Sandbox

  • Real-time strategy (RTS)

  • Shooters (FPS and TPS)

  • Multiplayer battle arena

  • RPG

  • Simulation

  • Puzzlers and party games

  • Action adventure

  • Turn-based

Flexible and scalable for any type of game play!

The Hexle is a scalable, board gaming platform providing game developers with the foundations to create dynamic tabletop game play with video gaming inclusion.  There is no end to the types of games that can be created using the the Hexle.

Connect multiple boards for more dynamic game play

Games can be developed using a single Hexle board, but things get very interesting when you add multiple Hexle boards creating greater playing areas.

Visual feedback with LED’s

The Hexle provides players with dynamic visual feedback with the use of 55 programmable, multi colored LED’s

NFC banner

NFC, Bringing entire collections to life, at the same time!

Each Hexle board is comprised of an array of NFC enabled tiles.  When a reciprocal collectable is placed on a tile it is instantly conveys data to the board and device.

Bluetooth banner

Bluetooth, connecting the Hexle to the game!

The Hexle leverages the power of Bluetooth to communicate board, collectable and game data to a mobile device, game system or PC. 

Unity banner

Unity, development made awesome!

Your game, your rules.  Design and develop your game to suit your brand  by leveraging the power of the Unity development platform.

Augmented reality capability!

Game designers and developers are only limited by their imaginations.  The Hexle brings board gaming to life using development libraries such as Vuforia within the Unity game engine to bring the action directly to the board.