The experience

The Hexle adapts to your characters world.

The Hexle experience can be whatever you want.  What type of experience best reflects the world of your characters.  Because the Hexle is a board that scales, it can provide intimate gameplay, or multi-player, round table, action. 

Let there be light!

Intuitive feedback through programmable LED responses

Each Hexle board responds to game pieces as they are moved from tile to tile. Each tile convey’s information about the placed object using 7 multi colored LED’s (per tile) such as Health, XP or an effect (such as poison). It can do this through color, intensity and motion.

Lit tile

some lenses diminishing in luminosity

Spinner animation

Not just for charater feedback

The LED’s are not just to respond to the characters stats and movements, although that is one of the primary functions.  The lighting also sets the stage of the game.  The boards can behave like terrain where each tile has special characteristics that can be displayed through the boards lighting.

(image [terrain like lighting of multiple boards])

Set the playing field by showing tiles with pre-existing atributes (health boost, poison, trap)

Display information when object is placed on a tile (XP, health, effects)

Show move potentials by highlighting options to the player (flashing or animating tiles)

Enforce rules with error pattern (wrong move, pieces knocked over)

AR targeting

So much potential, packed in a single board.

From experiences that use collectables as keys to revive digital counterparts, to puzzle games that keep your pieces on the move as board patterns change, to physical board gaming experiences that were never possible.

What type of experience would best reflect your property?

A couple of more boards, a few hundred more ideas

Connected boards route automatically with one board becoming the master.  The master board transmits and recieves all board data, updating tiles and object information where and when necessary.

More enriching gaming experiences

Battle arena where players bring their battle pets to life to dungeon crawler where the players leapfrog boards revealing the dungeon map, to simple strategy games that are inspired by ancient civilizations.

Taking grid based board games to a whole new level.

Any gridbased game can be expressed using the Hexel.