Technical Specifications


PCB type:  Rigid circuit board
Material:  Fiberglass epoxy
PCB layers: 8
Copper thickness: 1.5oz
Board material:  FR-4 170Tg

Visual feedback:  LED
Type:  Multi-colored
LED qty.:  55
LED driver:  NXP PCA9626B
LED driver qty.:  7

Lenses: Optix® LD
Thickness:  1.5mm
Color:  2447 White



Board to board:  6-pin POGO
Connectors:  6 male, 6 female
Mechanical connection:  Magnetic
Magnet qty.: 36
Magnet size:  6mm

Board to device:  Bluetooth®
Version: BLE 4.1
Processor:  Atmel SAMB11G18A

Board to toy:  7 NFC antennas
Antenna shape:  Circular
Antenna diameter: 35mm
NFC micro-processor: NXP PN7362


Type:  Lithium Ion Polymer
Voltage:  3.7V
Capacity:  3000-4000mA

Charge via: USB Type C
DC voltage range: 5V to 12V

Supports charging of multiple units (up to 12 connected units)


Width: 163.09mm

Height: 169.4mm

Depth: 14.5mm

Weight: <300g


The Hexle is compatible with;

  • Windows OS
  • MacOS
  • Android phones, tablets, and TV’s running 6.0 or higher
  • iPhones, iPads and Apple TV running iOS6 or higher
  • XBOX One (coming soon)
  • PlayStation 4 (coming soon)
  • Nintendo Wii, WiiU, and Switch (coming soon)