Toys to life

A toy story

Every toy that is compatible with the Hexle tells it’s own story.  Even though each toy may be part of a series of collectables that are produced in the millions, every toy is unique.  The key to the unique qualities lies in the NFC tag that is embedded into every collectable.  This tag, uniquely identifies each item and has the capacity to store game and usage data.  This means that even though you may have the same toy as your friend, they may vary considerably based on usage.  While one collectable may be max level with heightened abilities, the other may just be a noob with no abilities yet.

This opens up some very interesting opportunities for tracking playing habits, attaching global leader boards, physical object NFT’s and much more.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near-field communication (NFC) is a set of protocols that enables communication between two electronic devices over a distance up to 4cm.  The Hexle can read information stored on inexpensive NFC tags embedded in toys, collectables, tokens, cards or other paraphernalia.

NFC Specifications

NFC specifications are dependent on the type of tag that is embedded into the toy.  the size of the tags should be between 22mm and 29mm in order to not fully obscure the tile.  The NFC tag base specification include:

Total capacity:  180bytes
Available memory: 144bytes
Text length: 130 characters
Data retention: 10 years
Read/write endurance:  100,000 cycles
Serial number (UID): Yes
Scan counter: Yes

Cloud Data

Toys and collectable data is not limited to the NFC tag.  Additional data can be stored on the cloud if more information is required.  The toy then becomes the key to allow access to additional cloud based content.

Cloud based content would generally be associated with the particular game that the collectable can participate in.  Each toy can be associated with multiple games if so desired, extending the toys usage.

Examples of cloud based data might include:

  • earned/purchased  items
  • costumes and skinning within a game
  • save points
  • …and much more

The future.  NFT’s, the Metaverse, and beyond.

The Hexle and the games and toys that are associated with it can be so much more.  With the advent of NFT’s, collectables themselves can have their identities store on the blockchain.  Picture your characters, with all their stats, existing in the Metaverse for you to visit and interact with and train whenever you want.  All of this is possible with the Hexle.